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The traditional category of games are indoor and outdoor games. Indoor games include chess, ludo etc. Outdoor games include cricket, football, rugby, hockey, basketball, badminton, tennis etc. These are the traditional categories of games. But today because of technology virtual games have come in vogue. Virtual games especially the category relating to sports are much more alike the outdoor games that are played traditionally. Shooting games are also virtually alike the real life shootings. But the virtual games relating to other categories are different from the real life outdoor games. The other categories of virtual games relate to action, adventure, quiz, puzzle, role playing etc. The virtual games are very fun to play. User can play these games not only in smartphone but also in personal computer laptop and tablets. These games can be played in TV as well but for that Xbox is required. These games are good source of entertainment not only for kids but also for adults. There are games on play store and even on websites, which are made specifically for people who are above 18 years of age. When games are being made for adults there is no doubt that there is craze of these games even among adult people.

These games can be downloaded through play store. The user can download games of the user's choice by searching those games in the browser and the browser will suggest the webpage that the user should visit in order to download that particular game. There are even websites which are dedicated completely to games. The user can even download games from such websites. There is a craze of these games among people. In the previous two years Pokémon go was the game which was trending among people. These games are very interesting and that's why people love to play them. For downloading games the user has two choices. The user can either pay for the game and then download it or the user can download games for free. There are games for which the user has to pay a particular sum of money and there are also those games which are completely free. There is no kind of charge either direct or indirect for downloading these games. The only requirement for downloading games is that there should be an internet connection in the device.

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